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Luxurious Skincare, Naturally Derived

Natural Ingredients and Sustainable Packaging

At flwr pwr naturals, we prioritize natural ingredients and sustainable practices. We understand that city dwellers with busy lives care about what goes on their skin and prefer products with natural goodness. That's why we use or make most of our household bath and beauty items, incorporating plant extracts, oils, and essential oils to provide nourishment. Additionally, we are committed to using plastic-free or compostable packaging, as we believe in doing more for our planet.

Mindful Consuming and Sustainable Beekeeping

We care deeply about the planet and are conscious of the packaging choices we make. We understand the importance of supporting brands with a clear vision and mission aligned with their values. Moreover, we appreciate the significance of sustainable beekeeping for the ecosystem and how bees contribute to the well-being of our planet. For this reason, we prioritize the ethical sourcing of bee products like beeswax and honey.

Dry Skin Solutions and Safe Synthetics

If you have dry skin and seek soothing natural ingredients such as plant oils and oatmeal to provide relief and hydration, our products are for you. We offer products specifically formulated to address your needs. While natural ingredients are preferred, we also use safe synthetics backed by scientific research that can also offer effective skincare solutions.

Packaging Considerations and Planet-Friendly Choices

We value packaging that is plastic-free, and also recognize practical limitations in the bathroom. We know that materials like aluminum, cardboard, or glass may not be suitable due to prolonged water exposure or safety concerns. We are actively researching and striving to find suitable alternatives, exploring options like post-consumer plastic and bio-plastics to minimize our environmental impact while ensuring product safety.

Embracing Nature and Hiking Enthusiasts

For those who enjoy their free time hiking and being close to nature, our products resonate with your lifestyle. We celebrate the idea that plants and flower materials can provide incredible benefits for skincare, utilizing their extracts, oils, and essential oils. Our naturally scented products capture the essence of nature, giving you a sensory experience that rejuvenates the mind and body.


Andrew Korotzer

14 February 2024
5 months ago
I really love their soaps and lip balms. Excellent products.

Ralph Gaeta

02 August 2023
a year ago
I love their products. The customer service is first rate. I’ve been using their soap for a while now and my eczema on my hands is so much better! Thank you!


  • Female-owned
  • Handcrafted
  • Sustainable skincare
  • Natural ingredients
  • Plastic-free packaging
  • Nourishing formulations
  • Botanical extracts
  • Eco-friendly beauty


It has arrived! And it looks beautiful! I will enjoy using these products.


It has arrived! And it looks beautiful! I will enjoy using these products.



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